Castle of the Knights of St. John (Zamek Joanitów) and its picturesque location provides an ideal backdrop for that most important day in your lives - the wedding reception.
In organising your wedding reception in a Middle Ages castle, you’ll live out your secret childhood dreams of princesses and knights on a white horse.
Castle chambers, a royal menu and professional staff combine to ensure you and your guests have an unforgettable time.
A charming church can be found next to the castle where the wedding ceremony can be held. Once the vows are said, a glass of champagne is served in the castle park in the shade of an ancient beech tree.
A wedding consultant is available to the newlyweds both during the planning stage and reception itself. We provide comprehensive wedding services, including preparation and interior decor of the rooms, a wide selection of food and drink and transport for the guests.

Please feel free to acquaint yourselves with our wedding services.
Attractive discounts available during the autumn-winter season (with the exception of Christmas).

Details concerning the organization of the wedding party in the Castle of the Knights will have you under number +48 68 381 40 33

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