Try the exquisite food from our castle kitchen

a spacious and stylish restaurant is open every day from noon to 10 p.m. Looking at the menu we find that the names of dishes themselves somewhat poetic and imaginative, awaken the appetite and entice to...

choose them - such as : “Knights of St. John Rapier”, or a “Ponder over a chocolate fairytale” dessert. The castle restaurant is elegant, warm and encourages one to reflect and the exquisitely prepared dishes are marvellous. Traditional Polish, hunters and exquisite European style food can be enjoyed within the castle walls. The castle chef will enchant your senses with house-mistress’ stew, Satanic Fodder and the Keymaster’s dream. We encourage you to cultivate the somewhat forgotten tradition and feast by a large table surrounded by friends and family. We suggest original set menus, from royal to bourgeoisie. Upon your request we are able to put together a thematic menu. We organise wedding receptions, banquets, balls, business meetings and family get-togethers. The menu is arranged on the basis of our guests’ needs and suggestions. We also provide comprehensive catering services. If you require, we are able to organise one of our specialities within the castle walls - a banquet in the form of a castle larder. This reception in the form of a feast is a type of a staged event, an attempt to take you back to the atmosphere of the days gone by and the feel of a traditional Polish table. The delicacies from the castle kitchen are served in clay bowls, on wooden boards or in wicker baskets. Courtiers will invite for plebeian games “to stimulate the body and keep the mind in sobriety for as long as possible”. The castle kitchen will serve the most noble of foods. You will be presented with an opportunity to try the following:

  • Stuffed pig, freshly slaughtered from the castle farm
  • The most delicate of veal in a variety of sauces
  • A selection of poultry, all less than 6 moons old, with an unambiguous impact of flavour
  • Finger licking hot chestnuts served with onion
  • Saracen peas, side by side with spicy cabbage, as a reminder of the cruel fighting in Jerusalem
  • Penance buckwheat with lardons, a must for all who committed 5 sins this week
  • Exquisite cheeses made from freshly cured milk
  • Ripe trout, carefully baked over embers
  • Endless legions of seafood
  • Delicious puddings for desert, known as the chef’s speciality


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